10 Mar Do You Make New Subscribers Feel Welcome?

ideaviews welcomeMost likely, you’ve worked hard to get subscribers to sign up for your blog or newsletter – created valuable content as a giveaway and are regularly providing them with helpful information in your niche.

What do you do once someone has subscribed? Do you welcome them or just take note and start including them in your next eBlast?

You can easily and effortlessly show immediate appreciation for your new subscribers with welcome emails.

It’s an easy way to show your new subscribers you appreciate having them as part of your subscriber community. Today it really does mean a lot when someone opts in to get even more email delivered to their already cluttered inboxes.

It’s also a great opportunity to remind subscribers exactly what they signed up for.  What valuable tips and offers will you be delivering? Setting subscriber expectations early by clarifying what kind of content you’ll deliver and how frequently they will receive it can prevent unsubscribes or even the dreaded spam mark!

The best part of welcome emails for marketers is that they can be set up and triggered automatically, requiring little maintenance on your part.

Remember to include a subject line that subscribers will recognize, so branding and a “Thank You” are vital here, or you’ll get sent to the unsubscribe graveyard faster than you can say, “spam.”

If you are using a subscriber service that personalizes emails, make sure it works properly! There is nothing more insincere than getting an email that starts with, “Hey, firstname!”

Show your readers next that you appreciate having them as a new subscriber with a simple thank you. It’ll go a long way.

Next you want to remind them about what type of content should they expect to receive and how frequently.

If you’ve included a free gift with your sign up (free white paper, eBook, video series), don’t forget to put the download or viewing link.

Close with a short but personal signature and include your social follow buttons to make sure they know where they can get even more helpful content on their terms.

How do you welcome YOUR new subscribers? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides