16 Jun A New Trend in Aging in Place

NAHB recently conducted a survey on what current homebuyers consider important. In-home elevators ranked extremely low on the list; however builders are using their own intuition as aging in place becomes more and more popular.

Baby boomers now represent the largest age group in the country, and, although most of the would prefer to stay in their existing home, stairs and second floor master suites have become a huge obstacle.

Elevators may be turning into a necessity versus a luxury in this new market.  Think it’s not affordable? In-home elevators typically cost no more than a luxury SUV.

Builder Online notes that elevators are far from a standard feature, but production homes with elevators as an option are increasingly popular. These designs also allow for a future installation. A lesser-known option is the pneumatic vacuum elevator, which requires no excavating pit, hoistway, or machine room.

In new home construction, traditional elevators are the less costly option, but some buyers prefer the look of the pneumatic elevator: the design, the 360-degree views, and the way it fits in their home.

Do you think this trend will become more standard in the coming years? Share your opinions below!

Image courtesy of AHE Home Elevators

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