30 Jun A Product That Even Young Buyers Can Commit To

ideaviews gen ySay goodbye to the mansion. Buyers aged 19 to 37 want homes designed to suit their specific interests and lifestyles: small floorplans with a feeling of roominess, flexible spaces, built-in storage, and modern amenities such as recharging stations for electronic devices.

Clayton Homes built a 1,200 square foot Concept House to respond to Gen Y buyers, and these factory built homes start at $80,000. Talk about affordability!

How can you cater to Gen Y buyers?

I love the way Builder Online puts it:

Young homebuyers are a tough sell. Generation Y is known for being smart, picky, and design savvy but often short on cash. It takes more than a house with the latest technology or modern design to entice them out of their rental apartments, shared group homes, or even their parents’ basements.

Here are some things that will catch their attention.

Kitchens that are close to the front of house and provide enough space for two cooks. This part of the home once meant for solely preparing a meal and transferring it to the dining area is now the community hub for families or roommates. Kitchens are places to socialize and gather, cook and eat.

Laptops and iPads are now central and have everyday use in this generation. There is no more hiding computers in an upstairs room or stowing them away in a closet. Gen Y needs a dedicated space for their electronics that is central to entertaining.

Flexible bonus rooms that have the ability to morph as the owners’ lives change are a huge plus. Think in terms of a game room that can eventually be converted into a nursery, then a TV/movie room.

Marketing to Gen Y

Keep it simple. This generation is motivated by strong images, preferably on smartphones and tablets. Younger buyers process information by scanning and retaining key points. It is no longer effective to have sales materials filled with paragraphs of descriptive words.

How are you reaching this evolved market? Share by commenting below!

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