21 Jul Show, Don’t Tell – Should You Add Video to Your Website?

beauty girl look in webcamera isolated over white backgroundMost information consumed today is visual. We’ve talked about using big, bold images to convey your message, but what about video?

Small business owners from all industries are discovering that the use of videos can generate leads and sales online. Since 73% of adults in the U.S. are more likely make a purchase after watching an explainer video, should you show your product or service to your audience this way on your website?

Yes! But as long as we’re clear – please don’t feature those obnoxious videos that start automatically every time you land on a web page. Especially the ones that do not show viewers the video length! That’s a definite no-no.

So how SHOULD you be using video on your website? Here are some ideas:

Test it out on the Blog.

You’re already sharing your expertise and useful tips on the blog. How about introducing a Vlog one week? Video Blogging can be a great way to show more of your personality and speak directly to your followers. It’s also a fantastic way of showing the exact steps of a specific task, instead of just writing a standard “how to” post.

Spice up your About section.

Imagine talking directly to your website visitors through video… what a great way to welcome prospective clients and show them both your professionalism and a bit of personality! Don’t replace the written information altogether, though – some people prefer to read or scan through information still.

Create a video page.

If you are showing off a portfolio of digital commercials or tours, this can be good option. Just think through how you want them arranged. If they will be updated regularly you may want to feature the newest videos at the top of the page; if you don’t plan on adding new ones often you can feature the most watched videos at the top.

Are you using video on your website? What kind of results do you see? Share by commenting below!

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