13 Oct Brands – Get On the Video Train

Closeup of a webcamOriginal video content can be an extremely effective marketing tool for brands, yet according to Clickz.com, most still aren’t using it to engage consumers.

What’s the hesitation? It’s been proven again and again that consumers are watching more videos through social media all the time. This is a huge marketing opportunity for brands, and consumers are hungry for it.

In a recent survey for both consumers and marketers regarding their attitudes toward branded video, the following was found:

  • 59 percent of consumers say they would watch a brand video on a brand’s site
  • 61 percent watch branded videos when they’re shared by a friend
  • 42 percent like when brands share a video online
  • 67 percent of consumers like how-to product videos or tutorials, while 42 percent like funny content
  • 75 percent of marketers say they “rarely or never” produce videos to share with their followers online

Clickz goes on to say that four out of five B2B marketers report video marketing success, but “resources and the ability to produce quality content continue to get in the way of good work.”

Consumers are responding positively to brand channels, vlogs, short movies and mini-shows. It won’t be long before this is expected.  Don’t panic – all brands really need to get started are social tools like Vine and Instagram video.  It’s a great place to break into the social video scene.

Video has the unique ability to engage and captivate its viewers, whether the content’s comprised of home movies or branded product tips. There’s an audience out there for most every kind of video, including those that come from brands. Consumers are saying yes, they will watch them… now’s the time to take a look at that last bullet above and get in the game!

Sibet B Freides