20 Oct Why Go Retro?

Retro branding is taking hold of the advertising world when it comes to builders! According to Builder Online, these “Grandpa graphics” are modernized versions of vintage 1940s and 50s images that evoke a bygone era focused on handmade quality and business deals done on a handshake.

Old-school messages work well for builders, helping them to build a positive and honest persona for their brand. This holds true especially for those that really want to communicate that they are a service-oriented company. American businesses of this age were founded on relationships.

Homebuilders struggle with their uniqueness when price points, services, and guarantees are so much alike.  Retro branding really helps communicate those old school values of trustworthiness and reliability.

Rebuilding your brand identity starts with a strong foundation, so before changing your logo and brand, you should start by setting the bar higher when it comes to customer service. Make sure your business truly reflects the values of your “new” old look!

What do you think of the trending old-school graphics? Share by commenting below!

image courtesy of the turquoise penguin

Sibet B Freides