04 Mar Better YouTube Marketing for Your Brand

YouTubeVideo has become an integral piece of marketing in the digital age. YouTube continues to lead the way in audience reach and engagement. Brands are anxious to jump on the YouTube bandwagon, but Convince and Convert warns that without a strategy behind your content you will fail in this platform.

A video that’s considered done well doesn’t necessarily mean it has to contain expensive cameras and professional editing. The same as social media success, it’s about strategy and execution.

Consider these important tips when it comes to YouTube marketing.

Eight seconds is the average length of time that a viewer lasts before they decide if a video is interesting enough to continue watching. If you do not respect the very beginning of the video and think clearly about what your audience wants to see, not only are you failing at captivating your audience, you will also not be favored in search. It doesn’t matter if your copy and editing are polished and brilliant; if you have a lower than average audience retention rate on a video, you will be devalued in search.

Within this eight seconds, make sure you get to the point fast. Put your subject first – a person’s face, voiceover, product – you need to offer the viewer hope that you’re going to get to the content quickly by revealing what they clicked to learn more about from the first second. Don’t start with a long, over-the-top logo or intro. Get to the point, and fast.

Remember to look at the camera and visualize your audience, or it’s not going to come through as a personal connection. You know your market, and you could talk about it passionately if you saw a potential client in person. So roll with it – ditch the rigid scripts and just talk to your audience.

Always tell your viewers what the next step is after the video. Make sure you verbalize the call-to-action, and reinforce it with the graphics and logo at the end.

Sibet B Freides