01 Apr Is Podcasting Right for You?

If you’re struggling with finding the time to read all the blog posts that both interest you and keep you updated for your own content, podcasts might be the answer.

Commuters, runners, busy parents and more all want content but rarely have time to sit down with a book, video or even a weekly blog post.

Remember, today’s consumers are inundated with brand messages. By considering podcasting, you are giving the keys back to your audience and letting them choose when to digest your content. This encourages brand loyalty.

Podcasts also allow you to stand out in a less crowded space. Everyone and their uncle has a Blog. Even the neighbor’s CAT has a Blog. People only have so much time to read, and it’s getting more difficult to get your audience to stick with you consistently.

Podcasting adds the human touch to your messages. It’s hard to accurately display inflections, excitement and genuine helpfulness in text. When your voice fills your clients’ or customers’ ears it changes the game.

An added bonus is that you automatically have more written Blog posts as a result of your podcasting show notes. You can repurpose what you’ve already done and create smaller chunks of content to share over your social networks and future Blog posts.

Now that you know the benefits, share your thoughts about podcasting below! Do you listen to them regularly? Are you doing your own? How have they benefitted you personally? We’d love to hear more!

image courtesy of bigfatmarketing.com

Sibet B Freides