13 May What Makes a Perfect Boomer Retirement Lifestyle?

ideaviews boomersMost boomers are now in the planning stages of their retirement and are wondering in the process what lifestyle is truly important to them. BoomerCafe.com and BoardroomMetrics.com defined some absolute “must haves” for a truly satisfying retirement lifestyle.

Naturally, all retirees crave happiness in their post-career lifestyle. While this doesn’t always mean the same thing, it can be agreed upon that boomers want to be active doing the things they love and let go of the things they don’t.

What does this mean for homes? Here are some common boomer desires in a retirement home.

Having all main rooms on one level, whether for mobility or convenience, is overwhelmingly important to boomers, as well as having a large eat-in kitchen.

Formal dining rooms are less of a priority but a large enough eating space in or near the kitchen is key.

Whether they decide to continue working or simply craving a place to engage in social media with family and friends, a home office is also a high priority in the perfect boomer home. This ties into the next priority – technology! WiFi TVs, smart homes with security features and connectivity will all play a part in everyday life.

Naturally, boomers want easy to maintain exteriors and landscaping – little to no maintenance windows, decks, siding and gardens. Flexible space to turn into a guest or hobby room and lots of storage room for new adventures also play a role.

Finally, security is critical – especially for those boomers that plan to travel for extended periods of time.

Boomer retirement is nothing short of a new, adventurous chapter in their lives, and they want their homes to reflect this. How about you? What goes into your perfect retirement home? Share by commenting below!

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