15 Jul Your Audience Wants Visual Storytelling

We are living in an age of News Feed overload. Not only are your Facebook friends constantly updating their statuses with photos, videos and apps, so are major brands.

Brands must work harder to stand out and capture the attention of their followers now more than ever. While they’re stuck thinking about what kind of content to put out, their target audience has already scrolled through their News Feed. No one has the time or patience to read lengthy content anymore. According to AdEspresso.com, the average person’s attention span is eight seconds, as compared to 12 seconds in 2000.

So what do you do as a brand trying to break through the information overflow?

Use images. They capture attention and, done right, can tell your brand’s story in a much more dynamic way than text alone. In fact, posts with images or videos result in 180% greater engagement. Did you know that an entire half of the human brain is used to process visuals? That means images can be interpreted instantly, in less than one tenth of a second to be precise.

If you are posting more images than text, great! Now it’s time to weave that strategy into storytelling for your audience. Try video – 80% of Facebook’s most shared posts in 2014 were video. As a brand, you can give your fans a “behind the scenes” view of how your company operates, share a new product or service, record a “how to” video, or even simply thank your audience for their loyalty.

Another creative storytelling method is incorporating captions. These can be humorous, descriptive or enticing and should be limited to one or two lines. This way you can offer a hint of what your audience can expect.

How do you use images to help your brand’s story? Share by commenting below!

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Sibet B Freides