07 Oct Blogging for Real Estate Professionals

Blogging has been proven to have staying power in the marketing environment. So many real estate professionals make the mistake of not blogging because they don’t see direct sales from each post, but they are missing the big picture.

Providing consistent, helpful information to your potential clients will quickly establish you as an expert in real estate. Your helpful tips will keep you top of mind when your audience is ready to buy, or even refer you. Additionally, there are SEO benefits for your website when you are adding relevant, fresh information on a regular basis. Search engines like updated content, rewarding you with increased organic ranking.

Are you just starting your Blog? Consider your platform first. We recommend WordPress over most other content management systems.

The idea is that you want to draw potential clients to your Blog as a go-to place for them to read about the latest real estate news, tips and advice. You want to show off your knowledge and provide valuable information for them that will help them in their homebuying (or selling) journey.

You’ll want to showcase an array of topics that span from trends and interest rates to local events, designing tips, moving checklists and community news.

Your next step is to decide your posting frequency. Some agents provide daily tips, others Blog weekly and some monthly. Whatever frequency you choose, keep it consistent. Starting a Blog enthusiastically but not keeping it up is worse than never starting one at all.

How has Blogging helped you in real estate? Share by commenting below!

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Sibet B Freides