28 Jun 4 Signs It’s Time for a Rebrand


Your brand is your calling card, and if you’ve been in business a while, the idea of changing things up may seem daunting, at best. But, when done right, and for the right reasons, a rebrand can help your business move into the future and attract new business. If you’re wondering if a rebrand is right for you, see if you find yourself in any of the following situations:


You Have to Explain Your Choices…

If you find yourself answering more client questions about your colors and logo than your work or the project at hand, it might be time to consider a rebrand. While a little bit of abstraction is a good thing, bear in mind that your brand needs to have a simple, clear relation to your business. If something seems to be ‘lost in translation’, a rebrand might be the solution, and it will give you more time to discuss the important things!


…Or You Can’t Remember Why You Made Those Choices

If you have to think back 10 or 15 years to explain your logo or why you chose a certain color for your letterhead, that’s a pretty good sign it’s time for a change. Design styles change and improve over time, and even the most timeless brands can use a little tweak now and them. It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, but a cleaner logo or bolder colors may help to show your clients you’re up to date and ready for whatever the future holds.


You’re Bored

If your brand doesn’t ignite excitement in you, how do you expect it to excite your potential clients? This doesn’t mean you should get in the practice of updating your look on a whim. But, if you feel like your branding efforts are kind of stuck in a rut, ask your employees and longtime clients what they think – it may be time for a change!


Your Company is Going in Another Direction

Businesses evolve and change over time. If your brand is highly industry-specific, the imagery or colors that used to be relevant to your work may not have the same effect. Or, it could be as simple as a real estate agent’s focus shifting from single-family homes to multifamily homes. If your logo just doesn’t relate to your work, it’s time to try something new.


We decided it was time for a rebrand! Click here to visit our new website and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you!



Sibet B Freides