26 Jul Is Escapism The Hot New Home Trend?

In years past, we’ve seen a trend towards new homes catering to people who want to go, see, and do as much as they can – whether that’s through technology that allows them to be plugged in every second of the day, a location that offers plenty of hustle and bustle, or even just the room to accommodate large groups of friends and family for a game night at home. And, while we may refer to our homes as our ‘retreats’, oftentimes, new construction homes are designed to facilitate an active, ‘always on’ lifestyle. But, that may be changing.

While demand for high-tech homes in great locations with plenty of space will remain a constant, the demand for a touch of privacy, and a place to escape without leaving home may become more prevalent. The rise of ‘escapism’ in home design has been marked as a hot trend to watch in 2017, and it’s not hard to understand why. In a world where smart phones are always within inches of their owners’ hands and the lines between ‘work’ ‘play’ and ‘home’ are continuing to blur, it seems like a natural progression for buyers to seek out an escape. In addition to location, technology and space, as we progress into a more and more tech-laden world, ore buyers will be seeking out a haven where they can truly turn off, unplug, and enjoy their own company.

These escapes don’t have to be big, grandiose additions to a home, either. In fact, it’s better that they’re not. Rather than the media rooms, home gyms and offices that are so frequently offered in new homes, these features don’t require a lot of space and planning to create. Think the end of a hallway converted into a ‘tech-free’ reading nook, an outdoor ‘room’, or the corner of a basement transformed into a comfortable sitting area where the family can gather without being glued to their smartphones or the TV.

In short, it’s all about providing balance.  Your buyers still want to be close to urban centers, have plenty of space for friends, and want to be able to control the temperature in the living room from their phones. They don’t want to go backwards in terms of the modern expectations of a new home, they want a little bit of both. The hot new trend in homes may just be a space that encourages them to come home, turn off their devices and plug in with their family.

“Escape by Wiertz Sébastien, on Flickr”

Sibet B Freides