12 Aug So You Want to Reach the Most Influential Generation (They Might Not Be Who You Expect)

Scores of studies, blog posts and think pieces have been devoted to marketing to Millennials and Boomers. After all, we’re in a unique place in time where two generations are completely revolutionizing what it means to be in their particular stage of life and that phenomenon provides fodder for plenty of interesting ideas. But, while most of us are focused on people in their 20s-30s and 55+, we’re missing out on what is now the most influential generation – GEN-X. That’s right, the generation that, at the moment, seems to be the most overlooked is actually the generation that wields the most economic power – controlling 31% of the total income dollars in the US.

While we may not think of GEN-X behavior as revolutionary, they actually are paving their own way in their own way – combining habits learned from the generations on either side of them to create a unique set of needs, desires and preferences. So, if you find yourself trying to reach the most influential generation in America (as you should be) here are a few key points to keep in mind.


Careful Branding is Key

Perhaps more than Boomers or Millennials, GEN-X has been conditioned to be fairly cynical about ‘Hard Sell Advertising’. But, that doesn’t mean they’re impervious to all advertising. Focus instead on creating useful, branded content and positioning your brand as a resource across every platform, and you won’t just break past the cynicism, you’ll earn your buyer’s trust and loyalty.


Diversify Their Experience

GEN-Xers are notoriously good multitaskers, whether at work or at play. So if you’re planning a marketing campaign to reach those aged 35-54, be sure to take into account their entire experience. If you have a television campaign, push viewers to follow a hashtag or visit an interactive landing site that they can interact with on their phone, ipad or laptop, while they’re watching TV. Or if you’re dealing with a web based campaign, create an app that will augment their brand experience.


They’re Social, But Not Overly So

While GEN-Xers are not shy about platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest, they tend to be less interested in the newer platforms like Instagram or SnapChat. Though we tend to think ‘Millennial’ when we think social media, GEN-X was truly the first of the ‘adult’ generations to embrace social media and adapt it to their lives. Don’t neglect social in your next GEN-X marketing efforts, just be sure to look closely at where your buyer is and where you need to be to meet them!


They May Not Be Natives, But They Love Mobile

Like Boomers, GEN-X won’t have to try too hard to remember a time before their smartphone was practically attached to their body, but that doesn’t mean they’re not obsessed with their mobile devices now. By 2018, it’s expected that 88% of GEN-X will be using a smartphone, so if you think you only need to use mobile tactics to reach Millennials, think again! Focus on useful apps and helpful content, rather than frivolity, and you’ll have your GEN-X buyers coming back for more!


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“Mobile” (CC BY 2.0) by JefferyTurner

Sibet B Freides