01 Nov Why Facebook Live Works For Real Estate

When you’re advertising your real estate company on social media, it can be a little daunting to jump on all of the new trends that come with platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And, if you’re marketing a business, it probably is best not to jump on every bandwagon. But, if you’re an agent, a builder or a developer and you’re looking for a unique way to drive engagement for your Facebook page, it’s time to pay attention to Facebook Live.
What is Facebook Live? It’s exactly what it sounds like – live videos that are broadcast from your Facebook page. It’s an easy to manage, on-the-go function that allows you to reach your fanbase on a more personal level. And, it’s especially effective for Real Estate! Here are just a few of the reasons you should give ‘going live’ a shot.

One of the simplest perks to a live video? Your followers are notified on their phones as soon as you go live. Sure, you can post photos, statuses, videos and offers on your Facebook page, but unless your audience has opted in (which they probably haven’t), they won’t get a push notification on their phone when you do. But, when you go live, a notification is sent directly to the user’s homescreen, grabbing their attention and making them more likely to click through to see what you’re up to.

Even though live videos are saved and can be watched at any point in the future, there’s a sense of urgency created by a live video. People are going to tune in because they don’t want to miss out on an announcement, an unveiling, even a behind the scenes sneak peek. This also raises a potential pitfall for live video – if you’re going to go live, make sure you have a reason to do so. Maybe you’re announcing your new promotion for the condo complex you’re selling. Or, you could be giving a tour of the new model home that just opened in your subdivision and answering user questions as they’re posted. Or you’re announcing the launch of a brand new project. If you go live with a purpose, the urgency will follow!

If you’re an agent or a builder looking to build or reinforce your branding, Facebook Live is a great tool. You can use the function to answer questions from clients and potential buyers, to give an inside look at your office’s day to day functions, and even to give your fans a look at some of the bigger events in your company’s year, like retreats, holiday parties or meetings. Social media is about people, and Facebook Live allows you to show more of the people who are behind the scenes.

Just like everything else you do to market your business, Facebook Live videos should be well planned out and intentional. But, the very format of live video still makes it feel ‘spur of the moment’ and authentic. As you begin to market to younger buyers, this is a huge selling point, as most Millennials, and even younger Gen-Xers value authenticity over most other brand qualities.

Not sure how to approach Facebook Live videos (or Facebook Marketing in general)? Let Idea Associates help!

Sibet B Freides