30 Jun Welcome To The Ecovillage

The world is going green. Now more than ever, people value environmentally-friendly and energy efficient lifestyles. Some have taken individual ecological responsibility to the next level, collaborating with like-minded peers and creating their own sustainable living communities. They grow their own food, produce their own energy, and recycle and regenerate waste. These communities are cropping up around the world and real estate may be in for a new and very unique trend. Welcome to the ecovillage.

As defined by the Global Ecovillage Network, an ecovillage is, “an intentional or traditional community using local participatory processes to holistically integrate ecological, economic, social, and cultural dimensions of sustainability in order to regenerate social and natural environments”. These communities are developing across the globe and are built and sustained by diverse groups of people from various backgrounds. Ecovillages range from rural farm communities to urban developments. Even environmentally-conscious students can foster these self-sustaining living spaces near campus. The global impact of sustainable communities is growing and ecovillages are emerging in our own backyard.

On the west coast, Lois Arkin founded an ecovillage right in the diverse inner city of Los Angeles. Aptly named, The Los Angeles Eco-Village Intentional Community consists of 30 to 40 people dedicated to living ecologically and reducing environmental impacts. Gardens containing fruits and vegetables provide the neighborhoods produce supply and the community thrives on its permaculture design. The ecovillage has even taken its resources beyond the community, allowing others to buy organic and locally grown produce, volunteer, and collaborate in their eco-friendly initiatives.

As the world changes and resident demands evolve, developers and property managers will have to consider unique ways to attract consumers. Walkable communities, electric cars, and energy efficient amenities are all hot commodities for the current homebuyer or renter. And for those looking for a completely immersive green living experience, an ecovillage development just may be the answer.


Sibet B Freides