23 Mar Social Listening

The way consumers socialize online has become a cornerstone for social media marketing. The digital conversations about your brand can be used as tools for engagement, customer service, and more. What are people saying about your brand online? Social Listening is a marketing tool that sets out to find the answer to that question and help businesses capitalize on these digital conversations.

Social Listening is the process of monitoring and analyzing what is being said on social media about your business, your products and services, or other content related to your brand. Collecting relevant data on keywords, hashtags, and subject matter has major benefits for those seeking organic feedback from their consumer base. By assessing the way your brand is talked about online, companies can better engage with their audience, address customer concerns, and create marketing strategies around popular products or positive experiences.

To capture the unique data that Social Listening provides, social media management platforms have begun adding this new option to their available services. Sprout Social has multiple levels of Social Listening packages that offer real-time analysis of relevant online discussions. These tools provide businesses with an efficient resource that better connects them with their consumers and helps to facilitate the creation of strategic campaigns that reflect the feedback from current conversations about their brand.

How people talk about your business online matters. Keeping up with these conversations was once a difficult-to-overcome marketing hurdle. Now, with the implementation of Social Listening tools, brands have the power to track their digital mentions and connect with their customers like never before.

Bruce Freides