Holiday Letter 2021

17 Dec The Causes We Love Are All About Homes

Finding a Home…it’s a concept at the heart of everything we do at Idea Associates. Because if there is one thing that we’ve learned over 30+ years in the real estate industry it is that home is much more than a building. It’s the place of belonging where life happens. The right home can be life-changing.

That’s why we’ve carefully chosen home-focused causes to support as a company throughout the years with our time and talents. The underlying mission of all these organizations is simple––whether they be men, women, children, or our 4-legged friends––everyone should be able to experience the safety and security of a loving home.

During this holiday season of giving, we’d like to introduce you to some of these nonprofits that are near and dear to our heart so you can get to know their transformative work, too. Thanks to you, we are able to give our time and support to these great causes.

Cat RangersAs the “Special Forces” of cat rescue, CatRangers rescues animals that are facing imminent death. These can be shelter animals on death row, abandoned animals, or even those caught up in a family crisis. This includes many seniors and special-needs kitties that would truly have no other place to go. Their Adoption Center in Buford, Georgia is a refurbished home where all kitties are free roaming and visitors can enjoy coffee or tea in the company of very loving felines.

Community Assistance Center (CAC) CACprovides services, a food pantry and a thrift store for area residents. Since 1987, CAC has played a vital role in Sandy Springs and Dunwoody by preventing hunger and homelessness, providing assistance for utilities, food and clothing, and actively engaging clients to work towards greater self-sufficiency. CAC distributes food to over 500 households a month. Over the past three decades, CAC has helped more than 20,000 households cope with financial hardship and get back on their feet.

Elizabeth FoundationAfter finding a path out of her own struggles with homelessness and addiction,  The Elizabeth Foundation founder, Tracy Thompson committed herself to helping people who are invisible to many in society. In 2018, Tracy founded The Elizabeth Foundation with a strong network of resources from housing referrals and syringe-exchange services to food donations and legal assistance. At the core of their mission is the inherent worth and dignity of every human being. Regardless of the circumstances or mistakes of a person’s life, Elizabeth Foundation is ready to help them take a step towards a better life when they’re ready… or provide support until they are.

CaringWorksCaringWorks is an agency working to end homelessness in the Greater Atlanta area. They provide comprehensive services and resources including access to housing, mental health care, addiction treatment and education, and employment assistance. They believe that their clients are more than their circumstances, and they help them find the opportunities they need to reach their full potential. CaringWorks also provides services to deaf individuals and is one of only a few groups in the country who have in-house services for deaf or hard of hearing individuals.  Caring that Works!

Open Doors ATLSince 2013, Open Doors Atlanta has been making connections to bring people home. Each year they help their non-profit partners place over a thousand people into permanent, stable housing. The process saves time, money, and heart-ache for residents — and just as importantly, delivers dependable, well-supported renters to property partners.

As you gather with your loved ones over this holiday, we hope you will think about these groups and what they do every day to improve lives. We are very proud to be partners both personally and professionally with these amazing non-profits. We thank you for your business which allows us to give our time to these causes. 

Happy Holidays from Idea Associates!

Bruce Freides