13 Dec Two Year Confidence Mark For Social Media

In a recent survey discussed on Social Media Examiner, researchers found that there is a two-year confidence mark for social media.

This means that on average, companies incorporating social media as a part of their business model don’t feel entirely confident in the first two years of its application.  If you think about what it really takes to successfully orchestrate a social media strategy, you can see why it takes a while to feel fully confident about your efforts.

Whether you are using social media for advertising, customer relations, or lead generation, it will take time to fully execute a strategy and it will take even more time to gauge its performance.  The idea that a company can successfully plan, execute, and evaluate a social media strategy in a few months is outlandish and this survey proves it.

In addition to the two-year confidence mark, the survey also identifies other insights into how businesses are using social media.  According to the survey, most businesses focus on the big 5 social networks.  That includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogs. While there are many opportunities on niche networks, it’s obvious that businesses are easily finding their customers on the big 5 networks.

So if you are still feeling uncertain or uncomfortable about your new social media strategy, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.  It’s going to take time for your strategy to take off and only then can you realistically gauge its success.  It is important to have realistic expectations for your strategy and to understand that there will be hiccups.  Changes in your strategy are inevitable.

Sibet B Freides