29 Mar Shift in Buyer Wants and Needs

Aging boomers are reluctant to sell their homes for two reasons. One, they may be in trouble with their mortgages and are waiting for the market to rebound and two, they are healthier than their parents’ generation and will likely delay the move to retirement community living.

Will a market exist for their homes when they are ready to sell? Only time will tell. However, the income constraints and lifestyle demands of a shifting population may dictate a very different future for real estate.

These changing needs along with the demands of the expanding Echo Boomer generation is forcing the real estate market to respond in new and different ways.

According to a 2009 study by RCLCO, both retiring baby boomers and maturing echo boomers are looking to move away from the suburbs they’ve spent their lives in. Both groups reported wanting to live in more urban, mixed use, mixed age areas that offer services, community and walk-ability.

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Sibet B Freides