07 Jun Is Traditional Media Still Relevant?

Your brand requires lead generation and a sound marketing strategy behind it. It’s vital to remember that defining your message and communicating it to your target audience is the number one best practice.

Too many times I see agencies jumping on the bandwagon of the latest social craze and abandoning the foundation of the advertising world. Article submission, viral videos, and a ton of tweets are nothing without a strong message behind them.

Online marketing is a great tool AFTER the demand for your product or service is generated. An ad or billboard may convince your buyers that they need something; online search marketing will help them find you (the solution).

Social Media is perfect for establishing your brand and reputation through expertise and content sharing. Using traditional, persuasive advertising messages over Social Media channels are definitely not advised!

Consider the behavior of your clients’ target audience: are they on Twitter? What media channels do they use? How do they receive information?

The best strategies are typically integrated ones, combining the impact of traditional, with the one-to-one channels of search, social, and mobile.  Every plan should be created with a specific strategy to reach your clients’ goals.  At Idea Associates, we haven’t forgotten that.

Sibet B Freides