31 Aug Agencies Struggling to Change Their Model

Traditional agencies are used to a single creative idea that could be used across a handful of channels like TV, print, and outdoor. In today’s new climate there are dozens of new channels, tactics, and disciplines that require very different skills and individualized messages.

Clients no longer look to agencies for the same ideas and services they once did. Does that mean agencies should play a lesser role? Some would think so.

We don’t.

We believe that clients need the right idea and right team with the right experience to execute their message effectively. New media is evolving so fast, and businesses are looking for the perfect blend of strategy and solutions to help them with the whole picture.

So many companies are trying to adapt to the digital age by focusing on websites or SEO only. Forget individual services niches and specialties; today’s clients are demanding new relationships with agencies.

To be successful in this new marketplace, the line between “traditional” and “new media” must disappear – clients are in need of a single agency that actually knows each of the disciplines well and executes them using that foundational knowledge integrated with customized campaigns across all relevant channels.

Sibet B Freides