13 Sep How Do You Keep Your Readers from Jumping Ship?

Most social media and email marketers are obsessed with how large their followers, fans, and email lists are. It’s a numbers game to them, but are they truly speaking to the right people?

Growing your list is imperative to your business, but so is nurturing the loyal subscribers you already have. How are you rewarding them for following you? Do you engage them or simply focus on the percentage of increase each month?

For real estate, you’ve heard that location is everything; for new media marketing it’s targeting. I’d reference sounding like a broken record, but iPods don’t get stuck : )

By targeting your audience, you have a chance to really connect with them, to find out who they are and what really matters to them.

When you do write to this targeted group, be sure and let your personality show. Marketing is no longer talking “at” your subscribers, rather conversing “with” them.

Is your content relevant?

Even if you spend time refining and targeting your readers and tweeters, if your content is not relevant to them they will delete you or unsubscribe faster than you can say, “Sign up for my free report”.

Always remember to put yourself in the reader’s shoes when you create updates and newsletters. Its not about what matters to YOU, its about what’s important to THEM.

Sibet B Freides