26 Oct 5 Ways to Derail Your Twitter Campaign

Make it obvious that you’re not tweeting your own content. If you’ve hired a company to coordinate and manage your Social Media, remember that they are writing and tweeting in your company’s voice. The “tone” should be consistent with your business. The absolute WORST thing to do is to make it obvious that you are just a ghost writer and tweet in third party responses. People will not engage and connect with someone that’s not even with the company they’re following!

Don’t follow anyone back, or auto-follow with a canned message. We can’t say this enough: social media is supposed to be social. If you are attracting or mining mass followers but don’t have the courtesy to follow back you are missing the point. Worse yet, do you send an autoresponder to new followers and never even check to see who they are or reply to their questions? Tsk, tsk!

Tweet only about your accomplishments and what products/services you are selling. This is the fastest way to lose your audience. A well-rounded campaign should follow the 70/10/10 rule: 70% free, helpful content about your industry; 10% products or services you are offering; 10% personal comments and opinions so people know you’re not a tweet-bot!

Update your tweets sporadically. Twitter is fast moving! Sending out a tweet once a week, or a few times a month will not make a dent in your social media strategies. We know it’s extremely time consuming, but there are ways to schedule your main content ahead of time while still checking in and engaging with your audience.

Only broadcast, don’t engage. So many businesses have told us, “I don’t care about all the noise people are putting out there. I just send out my latest blog posts and promotions, but I don’t understand why I haven’t made any sales yet.” Again, if you’re not contributing to the conversation, offering helpful tips, and using good ‘twitterquette’ with your followers, Twitter really is a waste of time and resources for you.

Are you still confused about how to create an effective and seamless Social Media campaign? Let Idea Associates help so you can focus on what you do best – run your business!

Sibet B Freides