21 Feb Still Think Size Matters?

You’re a social media marketer – are you still worried about quantity over quality for your success measurement? Does size matter? Really?

In a recent study, 75% of the respondents really are still worried about size.

Sure, it would look great to be able to tout that your client has 25,000 followers on Twitter or 75,000 Facebook Likes, but how many leads and sales have your efforts led to? With the current options of buying followers and likes so prevalent how can anyone put any stock in numbers, anyway?

A more viable goal would be to drive as many people to a website as possible, having those become actual leads and, eventually, sales.

If your content, products, and services are top notch, it really doesn’t matter what your grand total is. It’s more important to look at the steady rate it is climbing, if people are hiding your messages or unsubscribing, and the quality of the comments and engagement.

What do you focus on when it comes to metrics and measurement? Let us know by commenting below or posting on our Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides