29 Feb Improve Your Email Campaign

Getting customers to engage with your email campaign is a big factor in its effectiveness. How do you create a campaign that your customers will read regularly? Content is king, but design is the magic key to the kingdom.

If you’ve been sending plain text emails to your subscribers, you might want to rethink your strategy. HTML emails might sound complicated, but they have advantages that plain text just can’t offer. A recent study shows that HTML transactional emails got a 50% higher click through rate than plain text.

Brand Your Campaign

HTML gives you style control over your email messages so you can design them to reflect your brand’s online identity. You can add images – like your company logo – and use background colors and fonts to match your site design.

Using the same fonts and a layout that’s similar to your website will carry your brand’s online personality through to your email campaign.

Keep ‘Em Reading

You can use HTML design opportunities to your advantage by creating an eye path teasing your customers to read through your entire message. One way to do this is to implement a big leading image and text that’s half on the “fold” – the area of the message that displays before the reader has to scroll down to read more.

Laying out your message around the fold like this engages your readers’ curiosity, enticing them to scroll down through the rest of your message. You can even put an incomplete, suspenseful sentence around that area, making the user click through a link to get the rest of the story or offer.

How do you use custom designs in your campaigns? Have you noticed a difference in engagement and response when switching to HTML?

Sibet B Freides