24 May What’s In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social Media – it puts you where your users and buyers are. It lets you share the voice of your organization, get real time feedback for your products, build client loyalty, and segregate your target audience.

What does Social Media Marketing entail? Do you have a plan or do you just slap together a Facebook and Twitter profile and hope for the best?

Sure, you should create a presence on the “Big 3” (don’t forget LinkedIn!), and don’t forget to start the conversations and be social – but what else can you do to create a well-rounded strategy?

Are you blogging regularly?

Social media lets you share your company’s unique voice, but a blog is your home base. It gives you a forum to create value, share and hear back on key industry news and issues, establish credibility, and create traffic to your website with fresh content for search engines to find.

Do you use video?

Creating and sharing videos are a great way for your business to share information – you can upload interviews with your clients, share presentations, or even share videos of social or business events in your organization.

Do you share photos and slides?

Sharing relevant images with your audience helps you really create a relationship with them, not just broadcast information about you. Images can be about events, product or service launches, progress on a job, or sometimes just plain entertaining.

Slide sharing gives your users helpful and practical information that they can use in their business. You can share your research and expertise online using sites like Slideshare.

What are your favorite ways to round out the “Big 3” for your company?

Sibet B Freides