14 Jun More Adults Tweeting All the Time

A recent Pew report indicated that the fraction of “online” adults who use Twitter on a typical day has quadrupled over the past 18 months. What’s an online adult? Someone who uses Internet and email, at least once in a while. About 80 percent fit into this category.

Some feel that the increase Twitter usage can be attributed to smartphones, as these users are more likely to be using it for Twitter.

Some interesting demographics emerged from this study:

  • While the general online population of Twitter using adults is about one in twelve, African-American Internet users are more like one in four.
  • Urban and suburban areas have more Twitter users than rural ones.
  • The top demographic using Twitter right now is 18-29 year-olds.

Have you started Tweeting more since you got a smartphone? Do you tweet regularly?

Sibet B Freides