03 Jul What are the Traits of the Silent Generation?

Born between 1927 and 1945, The Silent Generation, also known as Traditionalists, tend to be in their 60s, 70s, and even 80s. Most Traditionalists are retired, but those that are still working seem to be largely aging partners, managers, or senior support staff.

Some of their common characteristics

They work hard. Raised by turn-of-the-century farmers, this generation brought a strong work ethic into the factories of industrialized society. They grew up during lean times and consider work a privilege. Their common belief is that hard work and grueling hours are the only way to success.

They are loyal. Unlike the “entitled” Generation Y and Generation X, many Traditionalists worked for the same employer their entire life and are less likely to change jobs to advance their careers. They are also loyal to their country.

They have respect. The Silent Generation was raised to respect authority. They are excellent team players and generally don’t rock the boat or create conflict in the workplace.

Not technologically advanced. It’s not surprising that Traditionalists are slow to change their work habits. Most are not as technologically adept as the younger generations.

They value tradition. This generation values traditional morals and support conformity and consistency. They respect the chain of command and prefer in-person interactions to online and web-based exchanges.

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