12 Jul Goodbye Vanilla Facebook Pages

Now that every company seems to have a Facebook page, it’s no longer enough for yours to be plain corporate vanilla. Having a page with a logo as the main identifier and a handful of status updates posted periodically simply won’t cut it.

You need to be able to show your visitors why they should like you and why they should spend time at your page. Do you offer unique and truly interesting content that your audience can’t find elsewhere?

Remember that fewer posts reduce the chance that your audience will see them; however if you post too frequently your unsubscribe rate may spike. The secret is to find that balance between optimizing interaction and not looking like you’re spamming, which is going to be different for every business.

What Kind of Content Gets the Most Interaction?

Photos generate the highest interaction rate by far, especially with the newest “share” function. Videos, music and links are the next most popular. Companies tend to post links the most because they are trackable, but it’s not necessarily what most users respond to.

Asking questions is another way to get your audience to engage. One of the biggest mistakes I see companies make is only asking questions or making statements that directly pertain to their field or, worse yet, actual company. Remember the goal is conversation, so posting a general question and asking your fans to comment ups your chance at interaction.

How do you make your business page interactive and unique?

Sibet B Freides