19 Sep Why Are People Still Reading Newspapers?

There is so much available today in digital media, much of it is cost-free. So why are people are still buying and reading newspapers?

Many feel they cannot get essential information from other sources; that newspapers contain better or more detailed information than they can get elsewhere. This exclusivity of information may simply be a perception, not necessarily fact.

The most unique information that people feel they can get only from newspapers is local, community news, including employment information, regional sports, obituaries, education and school news, and real estate information.

For me, sometimes I just don’t like reading from a computer screen. It’s the same with eBooks and readers… there’s no substitute for feeling a physical book, magazine, or newspaper in your hands and flipping through at your leisure.

Which brings us to portability… bringing a newspaper on the train, to a coffee shop, or to private, relaxed facilities are luxuries not to be overlooked even in today’s digital media age.

Finally, perhaps reading the paper over breakfast or in the evening after work is simply habit for many.

What about you? Do you still read newspapers and magazines? Tell us your reasons by commenting below or sharing on our Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides