26 Sep Genders and Real Estate Decisions

Inman News recently posted the results of a gender study – finding that men and women indeed have different buying styles when it comes to real estate.

How exactly do they differ?

Men are primarily left-brain dominant. They are specific and literal. If a woman wants something from a man, she needs to be direct.

In real estate, you similarly can’t assume that your male buyer understands what you are hinting about in your messages. Be simple, direct and put it in writing.

Know how to bond with your audience. The research shows that:

“…men bond by competing, while women bond by talking and sharing stories. To illustrate this point, men use an average of 15,000 words per day, most of which are at work. Women use about 25,000 words per day, most of which are at home. Men use words to accomplish goals. Women talk to relax.”

When dealing with men, keep in mind that they are competitive and like facts and figures. Giving them the data and letting them come to a decision is the best way to get your point across.

Women typically look for stories about the area and interesting facts about local events. The conversation is an important part in the home buying process.

Shopping around vs. buying. This is the difference between a process and a goal. The study shows that women will spend hours shopping for the right shoes or piece of clothing. Most men normally walk into a store, pick out what they want, and are often done buying in 20 minutes or less.

Keep these differences in mind when you are crafting your message to target audiences – what gender are you speaking to? Are you presenting the facts or telling a story?

Sibet B Freides