08 Oct Headlines for Blog Success

Your blog headline will determine how successful you are in communicating your message. A high impact headline compels potential clients or buyers to click through from the search engines to your blog.

Your compelling headline can do all this:

  • Rank well in search engines
  • Attract traffic from search engines to your Blog
  • Give you a lower bounce rate and higher page views
  • Increase loyalty and subscribers
  • Promote engagement and sharing

What should you consider when forming your headline?


Your title should contain at least one keyword that is relevant to your audience.

Remember your audience may not already know you who are or what you offer. Keyword rich SEO titles help you reach existing and new prospects with every blog post.

Helpful Information

Buyers turn to the internet today for information. Your headlines should solve a specific problem that your audience experiences. These will get more clicks than marketing messages focused on you and your services.


People don’t read anymore, they scan. Your clients are faced more available information than they can read. Create headlines that tell potential clients that you are providing information that is relevant to their situation and offers easy, immediate solutions that is worth reading.

What about you? Are your headlines compelling enough to get people to click through? What other features should be considered?

Sibet B Freides