28 Aug Do You Use Words in Your Listings That Create Urgency?

What words should you use in your real estate listings? According to the Wall Street Journal, it depends on the market. Slow markets should use language that reflects value where more robust economies will get better results describing lifestyle.

During strong market cycles, agents tend to reference lifestyle features, including sunshine, entertainment and views much more than they would in a slower market.

About 55% of the listings she studied mentioned sunshine and 42% referenced views during a buoyant market, compared with 41% that referenced sunshine and 26% that referenced views during a slow market.

The marketing language you choose will influence how people feel about a property. And you know as well as I do that people buy because of emotions, not necessarily facts.

In today’s healthy recovering market, descriptive words in your listings should be attention-grabbing and urgent, such as “totally,” “ultra” and “absolutely”. To take it further, ditch your slow market terms like “closeout”, “priced to sell” and “has to go” and replace them with phrases such as “not going to last” and “will sell out,” to draw more people to a listing.

In addition to creating urgency, don’t forget to appeal to their emotions. Leslie Piper, a real-estate agent with Pacific Union and Realtor.com’s consumer-housing specialist says, “A home being described as resort-like, an entertainer’s delight or a great backyard for Fourth of July parties—we’re talking specific examples so buyers can imagine being there.”

Home buyers are gaining confidence in the market and becoming more comfortable with the idea of spending money to achieve a certain lifestyle. Make sure you’re using the right words in your listings to attract and convert them!

How about you? What urgent words do you use in your listings that get results? Share by commenting below or posting to our Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides