06 Nov Are You Pinning Effectively?

If Pinterest is the right platform for your business, using it may seem simple and logical. How hard is it to find pins that pertain to your industry and organize them into boards, right? But before you consider yourself a Pinterest pro, you should make sure that you’re doing everything you can to promote your business in the most effective way. Here are a few things to consider.

What Type of Pinterest Profile Are You Using?

The nature of Pinterest makes it easy to see the ROI from your profile. Converting your page from a personal profile to a business page will make it even easier to see just how effective your Pinterest presence is, and to make changes to your practices that will help increase that effectiveness.


Are You Checking Your Analytics?

Access to analytics is the main reason for converting your Pinterest profile to a business page. Pinterest Analytics allow you to see your reach and impressions, your most and least effective pins, and when it’s best for you to pin (no more relying on general infographics, or just guessing).


Are You Showing Off More Than Just Your Product?

A Pinterest Profile that consists solely of pictures of your products is not giving your followers what they’re looking for. They want to see what inspires your products, what’s important to your brand, and what you find interesting.  Adding your products is encouraged, but they shouldn’t be the only thing on your profile.

Is Your Website Verified?

Give consumers the peace of mind that what they pin from you, or click through to from your profile is the real deal. Verifying your website is a simple step to higher consumer confidence, and it only takes a few minutes.


Who Are You Following?

While following-back everyone who follows your brand may make you more popular in the world of Pinterest, it will make it harder for you to curate your content when your newsfeed is full of random pins. Instead, follow accounts (both personal and business) that relate to your brand. When it comes to following personal accounts, consider following specific boards, to keep irrelevant newsfeed clutter to a minimum.

Is YOUR Content Easily Pinned?

Make it easy for your content to go viral! Adding a pin it  button to your site makes it easy for your clients to spread the word about their favorite products. Everyone knows word of mouth is one of the best forms of promotion, so why not make it easy for your clients to do a little promoting?



Have you found any other Pinterest Tips or Tricks that work best for your business? Share in the comments!

Image courtesy of ProjectEve.com

Sibet B Freides