26 Feb Are You Missing These Audiences When Marketing Your Waterfront Property?

home-wideSometimes we can get into a rut when marketing real estate communities. Of course there’s something to be said for finding what works and executing it, but waterfront properties can have a specific audience that needs to see your community… are you missing opportunities to get in front of them?

As with all of our clients, we always take the time and efforts necessary to identify their target demographic and then make sure we are putting their message exactly where that audience spends their time.

Another thing to consider is our human need to be a part of a “tribe.” Not just by geographical boundaries, but also by specific interests. What “community” will your waterfront property serve?

Fishing Community

Fishing is truly one of our nations favorite past times, and one very large “community” of potential buyers.  Understanding this, become the expert on the types of fishing available for the body of water your property is on. Do people bass fish, fly fish or deep water fish on this body of water?  What types of fish would prospective buyers expect to catch and what types of bait will they use?

How does this help you with your message? What would look best in your ad: “Waterfront community with great fishing” or “Best largemouth and striped bass fishing in all of Georgia”?

The Aviation Community

One of the most overlook groups in real estate marketing campaigns is the hundreds of thousands of pilots around our country.  Pilots tend to have a higher per capita income, and normally have reached some level of success in their lives and careers.  Yet most real estate agents never consider marketing directly to this group of potential buyers.  WHY?

Why not market your waterfront listings to pilots that are looking for lakefront homes or other waterfront properties for their floatplane?  Pilots often purchase properties in multiple states, as it’s easy for them to travel between their homes.  Even if your waterfront community does not have this potential, consider the LIFESTYLE desired by this specific audience.

One good place to market your waterfront community online is AviationAcres.com, a real estate database for aviation and major waterfront properties, not a classified ad site.  The site has a very professional look, and your listings are in a searchable database, making them easier for potential buyers to find.

Water Skiing Community

This is also an overlooked, tight-knit community.  The average of the water ski community is 48, with an average household income of $194,900. 25% plan to buy a boat within the next 6 months.

A great way to reach this demographic is Waterski Magazine.

Lakehouse.com is also a website to consider for your community or listing.

Thinking in terms of “tribes” and not just billboards and newspapers could mean a new Buyer moving to your area responding to your ad because they think you understand them.

Sibet B Freides