17 Mar Out With the Selling, In With the Serving

ideaviews servingIn a recent article by Greg Harrelson on ActiveRain, he talks about how consumers control the mute button in today’s real estate industry. Yes, there are new technologies coming out regularly, but it’s the change in consumer habits that make the biggest impact.

For example, consumers no longer want to be sold. Period. Instead of cheesy sales talk prospective buyers demand that they be given enough information to make their own determination about whether or not to buy. They want to compile the information and do their own research.

Harrelson also talks about today’s consumer having a much shorter attention span. They want quick and precise information, not fluffy marketing brochures. Instead of a “book” to figure out the benefits of what you’re selling, they prefer a quick summary over a YouTube video.

Again, consumers are in control. Harrelson makes a great analogy that most of us keep the TV remote in our hands the entire time we watch a program so we have the power to choose what we see and hear. If we don’t like a commercial, we hit mute or change the channel.

It is the same way with marketing.

People unsubscribe from a newsletter, close out of or skip the online ad, and “mute” what they are not interested in.

As an agent you have to continually ask yourself how you are helping the consumer – are you providing helpful information or ringing your own bell? Do you dictate what to share with prospective buyers or do you listen to what they want? Are you talking “at” them still or engaging in a two-way conversation?

Once they tune you out, it is nearly impossible to get their attention again.

How do you communicate with today’s consumer and keep from getting muted? Share by commenting below!

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