28 May Are You Destroying Your Email Open Rate with These Mistakes?

ideaviews email open rateImagine having what you think should be a successful email campaign lined up and ready to go: the perfect customized template that shows off your brand, hot content that your clients are looking for, a call to action, and even a catchy, intriguing subject line.

Bam! You send out your email and log in to view your reports… and you have an open rate that is less than 15%. Why? What went wrong?

According to recent article by Constant Contact, one reason people might not open your emails is because they aren’t recognizing you or your business in their inbox.

Most people like to open emails from people they know and trust, or we wouldn’t have Spam folders.

If your content is on target, here are some simple tips to help your open rate, according to Constant Contact.

Who is the email from? Do you have an email address only (Suzy@yahoo.com), a personal name instead of a brand (Ben Jones), or – even worse – a generic email (XYZCompany@AOL.com)?

People need to recognize your business, or they won’t open your email. While it may seem like a small detail, for 68 percent of consumers, familiarity with the person or company sending the email is the top reason why they decide to open.

Everyone thinks that subject lines have to be clever and catchy in order to stand out and be opened. Sometimes, simple is best! Tell people what to expect when they open your email in a few simple words, or pique their curiosity. You can also brand when it’s appropriate:

  • [XYZ Neighborhood Realtor] Do You Know How To Stage Your Home for Selling?
  • Staging Your Home for Selling… Let Us at XYZ Neighborhood Realtor Show You How!

The best way to get your emails opened is to make sure the people who already know, like, and trust your business can recognize you right away!

How do you improve your email open rate? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides