06 Oct Do Mobile Location Ads Work?

moving-forwards-1431094-1-mMobile location-based ads can result in improved targeting and engagement for advertisers. But do they really work? It depends on their accuracy.

Location accuracy is defined as where a user’s stated location is in relation to their actual location, which can vary depending on the source used!

According to a September 2014 report, the most accurate source is assisted GPS, followed by Wi-Fi and cell towers. Fourth in line for reliability is IP address and the least effective is user registration.

The largest share of accurate impressions served in the US in Q3 was from hyperlocal campaigns, up 12% from Q2. Surprisingly, mobile users are fond of these location-based ads, with 51% stating they find them geographically relevant. Just two years ago users were not so comfortable with the idea and voted geo-targeting as sort of “creepy.”

In order to keep up with this rising trend, advertisers should increase their mobile location spending to improve accuracy and give consumers the relevant ads they want.

Are you using mobile location ads? How does your audience respond? Share by commenting below!

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