29 Oct Using Tumblr for Content Marketing?

Tumblr-Logo-psd63319Social-savvy companies are trading in the stodgy corporate blog and using Tumblr in a new way, hoping to gain some of their 29 million unique visitors per month. How are companies leveraging this microblogging platform as part of their content marketing strategy? Sumall.com shares some successful ways companies are rockin’ it right now.

LULU FROST uses Tumblr as their main blog to announce their latest collections through beautiful fashion photography. Beyond their accessory line, the company includes images from their travels to fashion and trunkshows. They also insert the occasional inspirational quote and share humorous vintage photos on Fridays.

SCRIBNER BOOKS appeals to their target customer base by using Tumblr as their main blog, appealing to the literary lovers who buy books published by their company. Their posts include announcements for upcoming book releases, quotes from popular books, and shares from other blogs with images of movies made from books.

BOQUERIA RESTAURANTS use Tumblr as their main blogging platform to share the stories and recipes behind their popular menu items. Their posts range from the culture behind a special dish, how their chefs select meats and ingredients, and detailing the history of their wine collection.

SHERPAA HEALTHCARE uses Tumblr as their main blog to educate individuals and businesses about the latest health-related news. They share videos, posts about their company from other blogs, interviews, and real-life health case studies (with permission from the patients). They occasionally break up the seriousness of their content with cute images of dogs wearing their logo t-shirt.

So you see, Tumblr doesn’t just benefit retail businesses! Because Tumblr content is visually appealing, it is beginning to be the preferred way for audiences to consumer their media.

How can/does your business use Tumblr? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides