18 May Facebook’s Refined Targeting Features – Make Them Work for You

Facebook marketing has come a long way, even from 2012. Companies in general have gone from “Why should I care how many fans I have?” to 92% of all marketers now taking advantage of Facebook advertising. Over these past few years we’ve seen the success, and also learned what doesn’t work along the way.

We’re always striving to make sure our clients are taking full advantage of every advertising medium that fits in their plan, so naturally our team scours articles daily to make sure we stay on top of the latest trends and tools available. Here are some extra Facebook marketing tips we recently discovered from Marketing Zen.

Facebook Retargeting. You can use Facebook’s audience pixels on your own website to track visitors, and then retarget them with an ad. You now have the option to target visitors of specific pages on your website, or visitors who have visited a page and not returned in a specific timeframe. With these features you can re-attract interested visitors.

Conversion Tracking. Facebook conversions aren’t typically tracked in standard Google Analytics. Just like audience pixels, you can place a conversion tracking pixel on a specific web page, such as a thank you or confirmation page. Facebook can then use this information about the sale or conversion and automatically optimize your ads based on their specific behavior.

Image Testing. You can now create your Facebook ads using multiple images – one actual ad that serves different images to your audience through flips. This new feature even lets you customize each image with a different headline, description, and URL.

Are you using any of these refined features in your Facebook campaign? Share by commenting below!

image courtesy of prosar.com

Sibet B Freides