21 Oct YouTube Red – What Is It?

YouTube Red is the answer to what both creators and users have been asking for – a subscription service that will enhance user experience. It is an ad-free premium service whereYouTube users pay $9.99 a month for ad-free access, along with other features like offline mobile access.

Once in place, any video creators that don’t participate in YouTube Red will have their channels and videos set to ‘private,’ meaning they will no longer be viewable to their audience. YouTube also currently gives content creators 55 percent of the advertising revenue on their videos, and the company says it will give YouTube Red partners a majority of the subscription revenue they bring in, based on watch time.

A big part of the premium-only tier will be YouTube Originals, which will heavily feature popular YouTube-native stars in original productions.  Some portion of those productions will only be available to paying subscribers.

According to early information revealed by YouTube executives, Google Play Music All Access will be included in YouTube Red premium account costs.

It is still unclear how this is going to change the average person’s YouTube experience; YouTube starts rolling out the exclusive content in January so we’ll see what kinks have been worked out by then!

image courtesy of media.boingboing.net

Sibet B Freides