11 Nov This Just In: Consumers Don’t Actually Hate Advertising

With the ability to skip ads, fast forward through commercials, and employ pop up ad blockers, the message to marketers has been clear: consumers don’t want to be annoyed by advertising. It’s a daunting task to reach your audience with your message when they don’t want to be marketed to.

But is that really the case? Adweek recently published an infographic based on research by MarketingSherpa that shows how consumers want to hear from brands. It revealed that people don’t actually HATE advertising; they simply want to choose how to view it… on their terms. In fact, only 8 percent of respondents said they didn’t want to receive marketing at all.

It seems as if location based marketing (like the use of Beacons) is getting a lot of attention.

In this infographic, you can see consumers’ preferred ways to hear from brands about new products as well as preferred methods of communication.


Sibet B Freides