19 May Frequency, Familiarity, And The Rule Of Seven

In today’s digital landscape, it’s detrimental for a business or brand to shy away from an active online presence. Costumers use social media to engage, research, and build familiarity with a brand and if your social presence is non-existent, chances are, so are your customers. So what is the key to active online engagement? How can a brand ensure they are taking the right steps toward marketing success? Some old school marketing wisdom may give you the answers you seek.


On a hot summer day, you might grab an ice-cold Coke to quench your thirst. If you prick your finger while opening the can, you probably ask for a Band-Aid. On a frosty winter night, you may keep a Kleenex handy and opt to Uber home instead of walking in the brisk cold. Coca-Cola, Band-Aid, Kleenex, and Uber aren’t actually generic names for soda, adhesive bandages, tissues, and ride-sharing services, but they are just a few brands that have become such massive marketing successes; their names are used as generic terms for every product in their wheelhouse. As consumers, we are so familiar with these brands that we define all other products by their standard. We know them so well that we trust and invest in their products and services, even if they are not actually the best on the market. Familiarity and brand recognition are crucial to successful marketing. Active online marketing, through social posting, customer engagement, blogging, and advertising can help build brand recognition, making your product a staple in your industry.


There are so many marketing tools and social platforms out there that it can be difficult to keep up. But with all of the benefits of active social engagement, it can’t hurt to try and it will definitely hurt if you don’t. Utilize all available and relevant platforms to market your brand and incentivize user engagement. If your audience is on multiple social media platforms, you should be too. Post content on a consistent schedule and follow up on feedback from your consumers. Repurpose your content on other social platforms to ensure brand and message continuity and let consumers know where and how to engage with your brand or product offline (buy here, call this number, fill out this form, etc.). Your active online presence will allow you to connect with consumers and produce online and offline results.

The rule of seven

In marketing, the rule of seven states that “A prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you.” Consumers need to hear your message consistently to take action. Whether you want them to buy, read, watch, listen or click, your audience will need to see your message repeatedly to feel the need or desire to act. Utilize the plethora of online platforms available to you and push your message out to the masses. If you’ve focused on building familiarity with your customers, your ad or social post will stand out because they recognize your brand. If you consistently update your platforms and engage with your audience, they’ll become accustomed to seeing and hearing from you. And most importantly, if you keep your messaging consistent and frequent, users will take action and invest in your business.

These key marketing techniques are crucial to success in the digital age and it’s imperative to have experts on hand to help cultivate your digital presence. And that’s why we’re here. For assistance with your marketing and creative needs, contact Idea Associates.

Sibet B Freides