24 Aug The Doors

We all know how important color is in home design. But did you know that something as simple as the color of your front door can affect your home’s sale price and how quickly it leaves the market? As crazy as that sounds, it’s true.

Your front door is the first thing prospective buyers see before they enter your home, and as they say, first impressions mean everything. The hottest shade in door design is the color black and its many variations. According to a recent study conducted by Zillow, front doors in shades ranging from charcoal and smoky black to jet-black often yield home sellers an extra $6,000+ dollars in profit. This conclusion was founded after analyzing over 135,000 home listing photos that sold within an 8-year period. In other words, there’s almost a decade’s worth of data backing this up. But why the color black? The answers vary.

Symbolically, black has several different meanings. As the website Color Psychology notes, the color black is often associated with things like sophistication, prestige, and power. When applied to the entrance of your home, having a black front door can communicate elegance in style and robustness in design. Though color may affect our perception of something psychologically, sometimes we just like the way it looks. Taking tips from the fashion world, one could even say that everything, including doors, looks better in black. The color is sleek, sharp, and serves as an eye-popping contrast for the other colors framing your home.

Selling a home can be a long and arduous process for even the most experienced of sellers. Finding clever ways to appeal to buyers and raise the value of your home can get you quicker and higher offers. Painting your front door is an easy and relatively cheap way to boost your home’s value, whether you do it yourself or bring in the pros. So, if your home is on the market, a simple paint job might be the difference between limited offers and a higher price.

Bruce Freides