19 Oct Direct Mail Marketing

Believe it or not, direct mail marketing can be as multifaceted as a digital campaign. As a marketer, you wouldn’t assume that doing all of your digital ads on a computer means they can’t be diverse and engaging. So don’t let the paper mail medium pigeonhole your ideas. There are a variety of creative ways to connect with your audience through direct mail. Here are a few of our favorites:

Post Cards

In some ways, post cards are like the banner ads of direct mail. They are short and sweet with just enough space to succinctly deliver your message. Like their digital counterparts, post cards often include a short section of copy accompanied by a relevant, eye-catching image. Post cards are one of the least expensive forms of direct mail so creating, printing, and delivering can be accomplished without overextending financial resources. The ease of design and distribution, along with its budgetary benefits, makes post cards one of the most popular styles of direct mail marketing.


The benefits of using flyers in your direct mail campaign can be summed up in one word. More. More space, more messaging, more visuals, more incentives, and more opportunities for conversion. Flyers come in many sizes but a standard 8.5 x 11 inches, no larger than a piece of notebook paper, offers ample room to connect with your customers. Using flyers also enables you to take advantage of several delivery methods that are appropriate in a variety of settings. Whether you distribute your flyers as mail inserts, handouts, or tack them onto a bulletin board, this form of direct mail marketing is incredibly versatile.


Brochures are a small-scale portfolio for your brand. These pieces are generally informative in tone and showcase the best products and services your business has to offer. Brochures elicit action with information. You provide your customers with an overview of your business offerings, your sales pitch, and opportunities to follow up by phone, email, social media, and your website. With this data, your audience can pursue your services with a thorough understanding of your brand’s principles and business practices.

As long as your customers have a mailing address, direct mail marketing will always be a viable advertising option for your business. Consumers open up to 90% of the direct mail they receive and 70% prefer traditional mail offers. With stats like that, it’s hard to deny the impact of direct mail. When you’re brainstorming your next campaign idea, consider giving one of these forms of direct mail marketing a try. And if you need a helping hand, contact Idea Associates today!

Bruce Freides