02 Nov Culture-Focused Content

When marketing a multifamily property, there are quite a few strategies your team can utilize to engage current and prospective residents. None are more effective than using your platform to share culture-focused content that shows your audience who you are and what kind of experience they can expect from your community. Live-streaming events, posting behind-the-scenes photos, connecting with local businesses, and similar content will highlight your community’s unique lifestyle and bolster prospect awareness. Here are a few ways to capture and leverage culture-focused content:

Lights, Camera, Action

Video is all the rage. This captivating medium encompasses one-third of our online activity and has the power to generate increased traffic and conversion rates. Users remember more of your message when it is communicated through video and they’re more likely to share video content with others. Video also comes with the added benefit of malleability, allowing you to follow your audience to their preferred social media sites. Video creation, uploading, and streaming are built into the majority of social media platforms, meaning your team can produce high-quality content that can be posted almost anywhere online. To market your community, you can use video in a variety of ways. Content that is short-form, informational, branded, entertaining, or live-streamed can quickly catch the action around your community and package these moments into a popular and visually appealing format.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

As we’ve blogged about before, visuals are vital. Everything from staged photographs to candid’s can capture the attention of even the most apathetic prospect. The beauty of pictures in a culture-focused strategy lies in the ability of images to showcase authenticity. Through the effective use of photography, you can convey a tangible, genuine experience that the audience can only find in your community. Posting pictures from events, candid photos of residents, the office team, pets, amenities, and more will help you curate a digital culture around life in your community. From visuals alone, your prospects will gain an understanding of the lifestyle awaiting them as a resident. Current residents will also serve as your best advocates here, interacting with your social pages and one another through the shared experiences portrayed in the posted images.

The Greater Good  

Another way to create culture-focused content is to connect with the culture within and surrounding your community. Form relationships with local businesses and work together to host events that your residents will enjoy onsite or at the business itself. Contribute to the public good by organizing charity events, donation drives, or volunteer programs and encouraging residents to participate. Get involved in what’s happening around the community and survey residents to learn what matters to them. These initiatives will bring the residents in your community closer together and will attract positive attention from locals in the area. Engagement with the local area also provides ample opportunities to create video and photo content that reflects the principles and causes supported by your community. Prospects will not only learn who you are and what you do, they’ll learn how much more your community has to offer than just a place to stay.

More than anything, the culture you create in your multifamily community is what will retain residents or drive them away. Creating a culture that is safe, enjoyable, and positive is sure to appeal to your current residents. To attract new tenants, your marketing strategy should hone in on the culture you’ve fostered and showcase it for the world to see.

Bruce Freides