15 Mar Solar Technology

Energy efficient technology in real estate has evolved from an innovative trend to a must-have feature. In both residential and commercial development, energy-saving initiatives raise property values and prioritize a focus on the future.


The National Association of Home Builders conducted a survey on the needs and wants of home buyers and found that green home features were among the most popular. Products like Energy Star appliances often reduce household energy usage thus allowing residents to decrease spending on utilities. For people who value environmental protection, these features are also certified and have a proven record of maintaining energy efficiency. Though standardized information is limited, according to surveys like NAHB’s, energy efficiency is attractive to many home buyers and may increase the value of your property.

Commercial Real Estate

In the commercial sector, energy efficient materials are saving developers money and attracting new tenants. Solar installations specifically are dropping in price and are on track to continue to decrease in cost over the next twenty years. Developers will have the opportunity to transition to green technology at a lower cost than ever before. Another benefit of energy efficiency in commercial real estate is that it appeals to long term tenants. For many, investing in energy efficiency means your development is future-focused and capable of adapting to changing trends in technology and sustainability. With increased savings and higher occupancy rates, incorporating green technology can set your property up for a more prosperous, environmentally-friendly future.



Bruce Freides