28 Mar Five Ways to Ease Prospects’ Uncertainty

According to the NAHB, newly built, single-family home sales hit a record low in February, declining by 16.9 percent to be exact.

These numbers reflect the continued uncertainty of consumers in the overall economy, not just that housing recovery is hesitating. While the economy is the primary concern of most Americans right now, even qualified buyers are struggling with the challenges of new lending terms and conditions and low appraisal values on new construction.

Here are five ways you can ease prospect uncertainty about buying in this market:

Remind them that interest rates are going up. Because of the low cost of homes right now, there will not be a better time to buy. While they wait to decide, 1/8 of a percent continues to be added to the overall, long-term payment.

Show the comparison of renting versus owning: owning still has a tax advantage as well as all the benefits of making it their own, such as choosing the colors they like and renovating to personal taste.

Change your message. In the past 10 to 15 years we have made buying a home about an investment. Now it goes back to being about a home not a commodity.  Interestingly that coincides with the Gen X and Y buyers who don’t care about investment as much as they care about it being “theirs” – about them and their taste.

Engage in conversation with your prospects, over social media and in person.  Hear their concerns and address them accordingly. Today’s buyers want personal attention, not necessarily always solutions. They want to be heard.

Use Social Media and give away helpful information, whether they buy from you or not.  Social Media marketing allows a forum where you can be the expert go-to person for all your buyers’ questions, worries, and needs.

At Idea Associates, we don’t just put your advertising message out there. We are partners and consultants to our clients reach their goals from start to finish.  Let us help you ease YOUR prospects’ minds about buying from you today.

Sibet B Freides