07 Jun Reaching Gen Y for Multifamily Housing

Is Generation Y really that social? Not online, but for community events? They may be, as long as there’s a specific focus with hands-on demonstrations.

Stephens of Ross Management holds a positive view on this subject and says the current generation is indeed attracted to community events as long as there’s a specific focus. They are not attending social mixers for the same reasons as the Boomer generation.

These Millennials are reachable for socializing events if they are marketed to in a way they understand. The formats tor reaching out and staying in touch are key to getting the attention of today’s younger demographic.

For renters, this is not the group to be scared of or avoid in your marketing. Maintaining their interest is profitable – this population is very interested in paying for a high level of service, so it’s a revenue opportunity in addition to being a necessity.

Sibet B Freides